Chocolate thins

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Chocolate thins

Post by gardenlaw »

Very simple recipes but impress your friends ... if you don't scoff the lot first!

100gms good dark chocolate

100gms granulated sugar (must be this to give the texture)

1 Sheet of baking paper

1 Wide Wallpaper scraper (stainless steel and very plain)

Melt chocolate carefully in a microwave. Try it for 75 secs and test it. It will retain its shape so you think it has not melted so just stir it to see. If not do it a few more seconds.

Mix the sugar into the melted chocolate. If you like you can flavour the mixture with peppermint or orange extract or whatever you fancy at this stage.

Boldly spread the mixture onto the flat baking sheet until it is one grain of sugar thick.You will feel this under your scraper. Slice across to make rough squares or oblongs. Leave to set in a cool place and then peel off the baking sheet.Break into the cut pieces.

For gifts put in nice selophane bags tied with ribbon
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