Roast Figs with honey

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Roast Figs with honey

Post by leeza09 »

Serving :4

16 fresh figs
50ml honey
200g fresh strawberries
50g cream cheese
20g icing sugar
50ml fresh cream
50 ]g almonds sliced

1. Take off the stem at the top of the figs and score a cross with the tip of the knife
2. In a oven tray, using oven bake parchment paper, place the figs 2cm apart and drizzle the honey on top
3. Cook in the oven for 10 mins at 140 Degree c
4. Meanwhile, clean and chop the strawberries into quarters
5. Beat the cream cheese and icing sugar and gradually pour in the cream. add the quartered strawberries to the cream cheese mixture
6. When the figs are ready, place 4 figs in each bowl and dress with a quenelle of strawberry cream and lightly sprinkle the sliced almonds on top.
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Re: Roast Figs with honey

Post by pamlstano »

Sounds really yummy and tasty.But i am little bit confuse that shall i use butter instead of cream cheese. I think that it makes something new. What you think?
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Re: Roast Figs with honey

Post by Arnold »

It sounds really yummy and delicious to me...!!
I am planning to give it a try this coming weekend and hope it will cook well..!!
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