Dogs and ROW

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Horsey Girl
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Dogs and ROW

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Just posted a topic in the ROW column. However main part of our problem is the large Mastiff type dog, that delightful neighbour manages to let out whenever we are around. Neighbour assures us that it wont bite but doesn't look very friendly to me and goes beserk if you even look at it. If neighbour lets dog out whilst we are using ROW and it attacks us what right do we have to defend ourselves? If we wollop dog across head with a heavy object and it is injured does anyone know if there has been any cases were somebody has been made to pay compensation/vets bill?

We are quite certain we are not Trespassers, ROW is fully documented but neighbour disagrees.

Many Thanks
Don't you just love neighbours'!
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Re: Dogs and ROW

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If you have a fully documented legal ROW then nothing inc the neighbours dog should obstruct your use of it so if the dog is threatening or dangerous the owner needs to restrict it from causing you problems
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Re: Dogs and ROW

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Some years ago, my mutt went up to a passing dog (which WAS on a leash) to say hullo. Dog promptly had him by the throat. Bloke on other end of leash just stood their, said "He won't let go until your dog is dead!"

SWMBO tried kicking, hitting with stick, bucket of water from pond. No avail. So she picked up half a house brick, belted the other dog between the eyes. It let go. Our dog was not hurt, but several holes in his leather collar.

A couple of weeks later, the owner of the other dog came home very late, and his dog "had" him, to the tune of 14 stitches. The pandemonium, at 3AM, was attended by a fire tender, ambulance, and a police marksman,

SWMBO (bless her) was concerned that she was responsible for the dog's strange behaviour.

Me? I'd invite an off-duty policeman round for a cup of tea, hope your neighbourr lets his dog out.

John W
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