Parking on turn head

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Parking on turn head

Post by LittleTinka » Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:17 am

Hi all,

Hoping for a bit of guidance regarding parking on turn head....lonnnnng story!

My property is end of a cul de sac, on unadopted road. Where the road ends, it becomes a turning area, with my property off to the right of this turn head and neighbours to left, turn area covered by a covenant that is cannot be obstructed and no fence or wall erected etc., deeds show boundary down the middle, half mine and half my opposite neighbour.

My drive can fit 6 cars, two abreast without reaching the turn head, although most that are parked there is three, usually only one...neighbour opposite has a small drive, two cars bumper to bumper fit and a third at a push goes on sideways but extends onto their side of turn area.

Because they are cramped for parking, for ease of exit they use my drive to reverse, sometimes stacking two cars whilst the other gets out so they can drive forward onto the road. We had a bit of a problem when they had more cars to park - 5 cars at the property - and started to park all over the turn head, including my section...meaning they had a nice clear reverse run onto my drive to get out, whereas I had to do a 5 point turn on my drive to drive out forward...when I could get out at all because I was being blocked in a couple of times a week.

One of their visitors...the occupants are all teenagers...took to wheel spinning off my drive, after backing up to my (brand new!!!) car and slewing the gravel up. I told him he was not to use my drive again, he had no right to do so. I also told the occupants that they were not to use my side of the turn area for parking at all, that it should be their inconvenience, not mine, when they had lots of cars to park.

They have. to their credit, now started to park the extra cars that were on 'my side' of the turn head at the end of the road, however the owner of the property (the parent of the occupants) always drives onto my drive, reverses sideways onto the turn head and parks there, on my side! When they leave, they then drive forward onto my drive and reverse back onto the turn head (which I should be able to do, but can't because they are parked there) to drive onto the road forwards.

The first few times I asked them not to park there as it made it really awkward for me to get out...the response being I can still get out, it is not an obstruction. After a few of these incidents, I pointed out it is technically my property they are parking on, and they have no permission to do so...however they continued to park there...even actually extending the parking on to my drive at times! It happened again having a bad day, I moved my car side on to my drive and blocked them from accessing my drive at all...they had to do about 30 movements to get out...and I left my car there all day and night, making it really awkward for the occupants to get on and off their drive, as they couldn't get onto mine.

The parent doesn't actually live at the property, they just visit, and I really don't want to create any more of a situation - the kids are on the whole nice and have always moved the cars when they were asked, and now park considerately. The problem is the parent...I have a feeling they will still park there, they are passive aggressive and it is a bit of a 'you can't tell me what to do' kind of thing and I really don't know how to play it.

I've tried to be accommodating and neighbourly (they had a builders van parked on my actual drive last week) but it really irks me that I am the one inconvenienced, because the parent doesn't want to be!

Any thoughts appreciated, even if you think I am wrong : )


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