Erect fence away from boundary.

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Erect fence away from boundary.

Post by jimka » Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:12 pm

Hi -

Quick question I'd like some helpful advice on.

I have a 4ft (1.2m) picket fence going along my property boundary which belongs to me. 1.4m away I have a raised decking area which currently has a 2m wall/trellis all the way round with a clematis for privacy. The house is on a downhill and therefore the neighbour can still see into our property and passes unwanted remarks (although flattering!) to my wife..... another story there!

Am I able to exceed 2m in fence height if the patio fence is away from my boundary by 1.4m? If so, by how much? I've tried reading up on it and by the looks of things I could go to 3.4m, is this true? This would mean I would keep the 4ft fence on our property boundary (to keep within the law / right to light etc) but install a taller fence around our raised patio area. Rest of garden would remain same level.

I can provide a photo if it helps to explain.

Many thanks


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