Taxes, death, taxes ... and then more taxes.

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Taxes, death, taxes ... and then more taxes.

Post by jonahinoz » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:43 pm


There was something in the media recently ... but I can't remember if it was newspaper. magazine, radio, TV or WWW ...

A woman had asked a contractor (odd job man?) to carry out some repair work on her grandfather's grave. The contractor reported back that he was not allowed to work on the grave, as it did not belong to the woman. The lease had expired. The woman had to pay £5,000 to the Council (I think) for a new lease. You now know as much as I do.

Can this be true? I doubt that it will bother me, I will ask for my ashes to be scattered along the canal tow-path where we used to walk our dogs, in South Wales. That way, they should be safe for as long as anybody is around that remembers me. Nothing is for ever.

But suppose I did want something more permanent, is there anyway of buying a plot of land, and ensuring it is never disturbed? I am aware that Scottish moorland is being sold by the hanky sized plot, complete with a document that shows you are " Lord of the Plot", for substantial sums of money. I'm guessing that it would be difficult for somebody to force the compulsory purchase of thousands of tiny plots.

Any ideas?

John W

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