raised garden wall collapsing

raised garden wall collapsing

Postby Mairb » Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:43 pm

This has been going on for some 7+ years. I have been speaking to the neighbour as the boundry wall has been gradually collapsing. Essentially his garden is approx 3-4 ft higher than mine and the sandstone wall has gradually been shifting, about 5 years ago we propped part of it up with paving stones to protect our garden shed, there was approx a 10 inch gap between paving stones and shed, they are now pushing against the shed. In other parts the sandstone stones have now come completely loose and fallen into the garden.
The neighbour has been making promises over the last 3 years or so to fix the problem, but sadly recently died. His family are about to put the property on the market, and before seeking legal advice was hoping to get some basic information here. I hope someone can spare a few moments to help with this (the property is in England) and explain our rights
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