Off Topic: NFH Book Recommendation

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Off Topic: NFH Book Recommendation

Post by Luigi Mario » Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:21 pm

I been meaning to do a quick book recommendation on the subject of NFH. It has nothing to do with property laws or guidelines when it comes to property disputes. However, NFH/bullies makes a big proportion of disputes on these boards and the subjects constantly popping up. Just to confirm I live next door to NFH and I also have a few run in with less savoury people at work.

Just to clarify I believe one of the NFH has narcissistic personalty disorder and the other is likely to be a psychopath. Due to the disfunction of the parents, one of their children is also pretty messed up. That said people will have different ideas what a NFH is and this book may not apply to yours but it does apply to mine.

Before I get to my book recommendation, I want to give a shout out to The Sociopath Next Door by Martin Stout. I bought this book because I believed judging by the title of the book is about living next door to sociopaths when actually it's about sociopaths in the community. It's very interesting and give a good hindsight in the problem our society face whether it work or someone in the community. One thing I really like about the book it explain how the predators hook in their targets by pretending to be the victims.

The main book I want to promote is The Gift Of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence by Gavin de Becker. This book was highly recommended on a psychology forum and this how I became aware of it during a google search.

The author of the book expect you to have some understanding what a sociopath is because this book is about how to spot if you're in danger. So you probably thinking what does an American book got to do with British property laws? To put it simply this book encourage you to not only act on your instinct but how to spot someone lying to you. For example someone trying to convince you to do something when actually they have ill intention towards you. There is actually a pattern or a framework to this and this book not only act upon the red flags but also how to avoid the predators suppressing your instincts

To make it clear I have no problems with members asking for advice on NFH or telling their stories of NFH. It's very important to get a third party point of view on the situation and support. The OP should also look at it as a third party position as well. However, I found the book The Gift Of Fear to be really helpful in my situation and I wished I had read it sooner. It's difficult to describe this book because all it does is explain how to spot if you're in danger and it give examples. It may not sound like much but it does make you streetwise to con artist etc.

On Amazon there is a lot of positive reviews on this book and I would recommend reading them as well.

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