Civil Case

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Civil Case

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Last week we received sealed civil County Court Proceedings pretty much echoing the climates original demands on boundary dispute form 3 years ago. They have exaggerated their claims bringing harassment, trespass to the forefront, compensation and boundary boundary.

Well we have not received any correspondence from the neighbors / claimants solicitors for over 18 months, despite our solicitor chasing and closing the file 18 months ago. Our solicitor on on 2-3 attempts requested the claimant to substantiate their claims and provide evidence.

We have not spoken for over 3 years, the last time we spoke was a 15-20 min argument which claimant recorded and is using as harassment from 3 years ago. The rest really is tit for tat.

To date we have not seen any substantive evidence, looks like the claimant and their solicitors have not followed pre-action protocal as the case has been dormant for around 18 months. Looking to how the courts would entertain this would this reach a hearing could it be struck out.
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