Need urgent help don't know where I stand!

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Need urgent help don't know where I stand!

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Recently had new neighbours move in and build a flat patio, no drainage, and in making it flat has elevated their ground level higher than the natural level. Ever since they have done this our garden had become a quagmire but was unable to prove it until today when they jetwashed their patio.

I went into my backwardness and all their green sludge and mould has been jet washed into our garden, and it is obvious of this as the only drain is the other side of their patio to our fence, what legal means do I have as they are incredibly hostile towards us when we approached them about them concreting over the boundary against our gravel board on our land,

Thank you
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Re: Need urgent help don't know where I stand!

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As you have experienced a nuisance caused by human agency, (not even one resulting from act of God), and encountered hostility, the next step should be a chat with a solicitor and have them set out the neighbours' liability in a letter before action. Bit of expense involved: so, if you have legal expenses insurance on your home policy, call them for guidance. Failing that Citizens' Advice if one still exists near you. Beyond that, you could get engage the Consumers' Association legal helpline for not much money and talk to one of their advisors about next steps.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. You are not alone!
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