Shared road

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Re: Shared road

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That sounds like criminal damage.
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Re: Shared road

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Jaxy71 wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2024 4:42 pm update - they have now dug up the top part of her private road without her permission !
Call the police.

This is not a civil matter (should the Bobby try and suggest it is), but trespass with criminal property damage. Your friend should have her deeds to hand when they turn up, and she can point to the fact she owns the road outright, with no caveats. (Assuming Scots law is similar.)

This is the equivalent of someone digging up a highway - the Highways Agency would not ponder if this were, perhaps, a 'civil' matter to be discussed. It's 'criminal damage'. End of.

Has she approached them? Either the owners or construction folk? She should do this asap, with her phone set to record, "This is MY property, and MY property only. You have no rights WHATSOEVER to do what you are doing, and you will be held liable for putting it right. Cease & Desist!"

I wonder if the neighbour or builder will claim, "The cove at the council said we could..."?

Any future discussion your friend could have over negotiating access should, I suggest, now come with at least a 200% £remium.

Is it ongoing? Could she park her car tight against the work to prevent it from continuing whilst she sorts out the police? RECORDING IT ALL, of course.

Did we ask if she has Legal Protection in her house insurance?

If/when she approaches them to tell them to stop, or parks her car there, if there is the remotest hint of aggression by anyone, make sure the police know this when she calls. Does she have anyone to support her on this - friends, other neighbours?
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Re: Shared road

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Is there an update to this?
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