Danger! Pesticides

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Danger! Pesticides

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Georgina Downs the "Pesticide Nun" has just won the first round of an 18 year campaign to try to prevent pesticides being sprayed near homes;schools;hospitals etc

"Currently farmers are legally allowed to spray right up to the open window of any occupied premises, whether it be a house, a school, a home for the elderly or any office or workplace"

This is the first time that a Court has ruled the Government's policy on the spraying of pesticides is unlawful. It is of course open to the Government to appeal the High Court's ruling. Farmers say that without the extensive use of pesticides crop yields will fall considerably resulting in higher prices in the shops. The Soil Association counters by saying organic methods produce just as great a yield without the downsides.

This is a link to Georgina Downs' website so you can read her arguments and of her campaign http://www.pesticidescampaign.co.uk/

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