Turkey crown

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Turkey crown

Post by gardenlaw »

Because there would only be 4 of us for Christmas Day and my son is a vegetarian, we decided to buy a turkey crown. I got it from my butcher as we do every year. I was suprised to find that in addition to the crown he had put in the legs and wings and giblets as well. So I really bought the whole turkey but in managable pieces. It has been much easier to cook and less wasteful.

Is this what you usually get when buying a crown or is it just my butcher?
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Post by appledore »

I don't think you normally get the legs etc. You must have a kind butcher. :) We had beef this year, and it was really tasty.
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Post by katee »

We had (as well as beef) a butter basted turkey joint from the supermarket- £7 on offer- and, after the disappointment on reading that it was injected with water and butter!! :shock:

Found it to be the most melt in the mouth turkey we have ever tasted 8)

will definitely get another next year.

thumbs up for tampered with food I say :wink: :D
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We have bought a turkey crown before and didn't get the legs and wings, you either have a good butcher or the bird was still running and flying after death. :shock:

Which reminded me; I don't know if anyone else visited b&q this year and saw the xmas reindeers and santa’s that sang and danced...very cute! Then there was the awfully bad taste turkeys that you are meant to pick up by the neck and their legs flayed about and they made a gobbling squawk...awful!!!! My hubby thought it was very funny and kept picking one up and chased me with it. :cry:
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Post by despair »

We had a Turkey Crown from Mand S and it sure was good
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