The cold weather has killed a lot of plants

Let everyone have the same pleasure as you derive from your garden -- or perhaps a friends garden
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Post by WILL*REMAIN*STRONG » Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:49 pm

appledore wrote:You were very brave going on that ride. :shock: I'm surprised your hair didn't drop out with fright. What a view though, if you dared open your eyes. :lol:
I think driving in L.A is far scarier than any thrill ride, no matter high up it is. I was truly terrified on the 6 lane freeways with their over and under taking, no one drove at the speed limit, they all drove like maniacs. :lol: I was glad when we could relax on a roller coaster. I think I developed a few more white hairs and hubby lost a few more hairs. :lol:

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