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My curry

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I love making curry. I set off with recipes but now just make it up. Here is one version

8oz of chicken breast cut into small pieces or 6 thighs without bones

I medium onion finely chopped

1 sachet of coconut solids

1 tablespoon of tomatoe puree

Plain yoghurt ( can use Greek if you like a creamier result) to suit

Combination of spices that you like in the quantities that gives you the flavour you prefer. Kept it vague as some will like more or less of any of them:


Cumin seeds and coriander seeds crushed with a pestle in a motar or with the blade of a heavy knife.

Ground ginger or fresh grated ginger if you have some

A little chilli powder or ground dried chilli

Curry leaves


Fennel seeds

Green cardamon crushed

Dessicated coconut


Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Sunflower oil for frying

Begin by heating up your frying pan and put in the spices to heat dry. Add the oil then the onions and chicken and stir to coat everything with the spices. Now put in the tomatoe paste and the coconut solid having first cut this into smaller pieces.

Continue frying for about 4 minutes then add the yoghurt and a little water to just cover the meat. Add the desicated coconut Allow to simmer for about 20 mins adding more water if neccessary or put in a Pyrex dish with a lid in the middle of your oven.

I like to make my own pappadums using Pataks plain which I fry in a shallow frying pan with sunflower oil. They are much more flavoursome than readymade ones.

While the curry is cooking cut up half an onion or some spring onions and cucumber. Mix in a bowl with plain yoghurt and either lemon juice or mint ( fresh or from a jar depending on what you like)

Put about 8oz plain flour in a bowl and add enough water to make a firm but a bit sticky dough. Flour your hands and a kitchen board. Cut off a piece of dough the size of an egg and roll out until it is thin. Heat up a dry skillet of frying pan and put in the "chappati". Dry fry till it has brown or blackened spots on one side. Turn over and do this again. It is smokey so open your windows.

Rember you do anything you like!
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