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Dont be fooled, anyone who can use Word etc can knock out a reasonable web site

Horses for courses

This costs us about £56 for two years

This cost me and the rest of the membership £31k for the first year :evil: AND it, the AT, has to use a volunteer to run the free (with adverts) forum board.

Not trying to advertise, but the CSG site above was built with Serif Web Plus X4 software, I think the upgrade cost me about £60 and has many of the features like e-commerce, on line booking etc found in high end software i.e. Adobe CS5 (total package in the £k's)
If I can build a reasonably presentable web site anyone can.

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You don't have to pay for it, a friend of mine just paid for the hosting ( its the thing that keeps your website online ) and it comes with a free program very easy to use. If you are capable to send an email, then you should be able to make your own website too. He did the website himself in few hours and the guy struggles to send even an email.
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