Walter Scott Publishing co 1885?

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Walter Scott Publishing co 1885?

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Hi All,
I wonder if anyone can help , i am not sure if it is only law and property books you give advice on, if it is sorry for taking your time up.

My daughter bought a book from a car boot sale, it was called Poems , sonnets and songs by William Shakespeare. Edited with a critical introduction by William Sharpe .Published 1885 by Walter Scott Publishing co.

We have googled Walter Scott and he was a builder , he built Newcastle Station along with others ,later in life he went into publishing.

my daughter is convinced this book was published in 1885 , i said there may be later editions of it , if so would that still state 1885.

Any views on this or where to read up on this book and the publisher.

Also anyone ever heard of William Sharpe.


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