Problem with council football pitch

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Problem with council football pitch

Post by Migwire » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:57 pm

Hi all. I have a problem with a local authority football pitch which is situated directly behind my house.

The football pitch sits about 8-9 feet above my garden and allows unrestricted views not only into my garden but also my house (the pitch is almost level with our bedroom window), and one of the goals is directly inline with my house. Now I've lived in the village all my life and used to use this pitch as a kid, however, as the pitch is raised above the gardens (one of which I now one), we used to play at the opposite end of the pitch so as to avoid the houses (the other end adjoining a cricket pitch and the rest of the park). Now the houses had toruble when Sunday league matches were played there with balls breaking windows, so the LA built a net, the full width of the pitch, roughly 20 foot high, which by and large solved the problem. What this then meant though was that whenever anyone else used the pitch they used the goal behind the houses as the net caught their balls. Now I knew this when I bought my house, and accepted it, as it wasn't very often people used it, and those who did use it weren't any trouble. I have lived in the house 13 years now.

A few years ago though, someone cut a hole in the fence right behind the goal so that if the ball did go over the net and into one of the gardens they didn't have to walk the width of the pitch around the net. Then one day, a contractor turned up to and placed a bolted gate in the fence directly behind my house, which absolutely infuriated me as it showed me that the LA knew people were kicking balls into our properties. When the ball does land in our garden people simply climb our back fence to retrieve it. The fence between my garden and the park is a concrete slab affair around 40 years old, backing onto around 7 properties and not in very good condition. According to my deeds, I'm responsible for this fence.

The problem is that since the introduction of this gate in the net, the numbers of people using the goal behind our house has exploded resulting in it being in use some days from around lunchtime until as late as 11pm at night in the summer and is becoming a major concern, especially in the last three summers it's become almost unbearable and is starting to affect my wellbeing.

Now I've no issues with the league matches that take place there, but when 20-30 eighteen to twenty year olds are out there, with several footballs, landing on your property dozens of times an hour it really does start to wear you down. They are always climbing into our garden too, despite us pleading with them not
to do so, but they just don't listen. I've tried on numerous occassions to get the LA to do something, but can't get anywhere. The noise too is unbearable as well and you feel somewhat intimidated with them being able to see into your property, resulting in us having to close the blinds. I've also tried the police, who sent a PCSO out, who is apparently a trained youth worker and his take was it's all about give and take. Give and take I asked! I've had garden furniture broke that they've used to climb out of my garden, I've tried several times to grow hedges along the bottom of the garden but they've been destroyed by people trampling on them. We've had several broken roof tiles, and just this morning a neighbour had one broken by a group who are out there now. I've even been to see my local councillor who was absolutely no use at all and did nothing. I have been to see my MP even, or rather his office manager, and they did manage to get the goals removed during the last close season but they returned come August. And now, with the lighter nights the problem of people being out there, hitting my property, trespassing on my land is returning. I have this year though, applied anti climb paint to the back of the fence, and painted warning notices on it, but they enter next doors garden and come over the smaller fence between gardens into my property.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I go from here? Do I have a legal right to privacy? To some people it seems trivial, but when you work 60 odd hours a week, come home and see as many as 30 people out there almost every night it makes me not want to come home. :cry:

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Re: Problem with council football pitch

Post by Roblewis » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:42 pm

There is an excellent wall growing plant called Pyracantha. The thorns are a mere 1-1.5 inches long, it is evergreen, bears masses of berries for the birds, flowers profusely and best of all it is rampant and better than a razor wire fence - entirely legally :D :D :D

Be a good neighbour and buy some for the neighbours to enjoy as well!!

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Re: Problem with council football pitch

Post by Treeman » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:19 am

You should take more care of the wildlife.

I like to make my own fat cakes for the birds, mix the scrapings from your grill pan or any meat cooking drip tray and mix in a substantial quantity of bird feed nuts.

Be careful not to let any get on to the top of the wall, the grease will ruin the clothes of anyone climbing it.

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