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  • Just a reminder that all posts made on Garden Law’s forum should be done in a manner which is respectful to others. Posts which quote other members’ posts and whose sole purpose is to humiliate them, will be removed. Such continued disrespect could result in suspension of membership or at the very least pre-moderation of their posts.

    Members should also appreciate that many situations are not black and white and a matter of opinion. With the experience of our members, posters can receive a variety of opinion on which they can make up their own mind as how to proceed.

    We ask that members at all times address the original posters issues.

    Gardenlaw is a moderated forum. Disrespectful, inaccurate posts and posts where a member thinks there is “only one side to the coin” will be edited or removed without explanation.

    We have seen in recent times how cyber bullying can lead to tragic consequences. We at gardenlaw do not want to be one of these forums where posters cannot express their opinion without fear of being bullied.