Garden building plot

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Garden building plot

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Image ... res/d8A35G

We have recently applied for and obtained outline planning permission to erect a single dwelling in our back garden. As shown, both properties would share vehicular access.

Subsequent to this, we applied for vehicular access from the south of the site onto the main highway. We employed a professional highways consultant to make the case, including visibility splay diagram etc. Unfortunately this proposal was dismissed by the local council and also later at appeal stage by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.

After the initial planning application (for shared vehicular access) was submitted, the occupier of the neighbouring property to the east of our building plot expressed a desire to purchase the back garden land.

Prior to all of this, a large local developer purchased the property to the east of the aforementioned neighbouring property. They obtained detailed planning permission to double the size of the dwelling and to modernise throughout. Without redeveloping it, they then put the property on the market unchanged, listed as "redevelopment potential" and it was listed at "plot price" (per selling estate agent) - this sold for £210,000 (October 2015). Currently a two bedroom house.

I think that this has the potential of a larger scheme. I am suspicious as the property immediately to the east of our building plot has been sold quite significantly under market value - £250,000 in early 2015. This is a four bedroomed property in good structural and decorative condition. Our own house and garden (without plot), was recently valued at £375,000 - £400,000.

At the end of our back garden we have gated pedestrian access (it was at this location that we proposed widening to create vehicular access to the plot, and that was subsequently turned down).

Local gossip is that the developer was interested in both properties - the aforementioned two bedroom and four bedroomed house immediately to the east of our building plot.

I would be interested in any of your observations please.
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