cats killing baby birds

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Morgan Sweet
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Re: cats killing baby birds

Post by Morgan Sweet » Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:22 am

Cats are a menace in that their owners do not seem to accept any responsibility for the nuisance they cause. It is a shame that it was not made an offence for cats to foul like it is for dogs. As for them taking birds, it is of course their nature but that is more of a reason NOT to have four cats. I used to enjoy gardening and found the only way I could keep them off my seed beds was to use electrified sheep netting.

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Re: cats killing baby birds

Post by jonahinoz » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:21 am


If I disturb a birds nest, the full wrath of the law will fall upon me.

But I allowed to "keep" a cat that will empty every nest it can find.

Will a "hunting" hawk take down a cat? Friends had two Siamese kittens. One disappeared from her garden while her back was turned for a couple of seconds. Hawk?

Airgun loaded with plastercine? (Great for flies ... peel the plastercine off the wall, see if you got him).

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Re: cats killing baby birds

Post by liveinpeace » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:26 pm

A friend of mine was in her garden and saw a falcon take next doors cat!! it later transpired that it had escaped, she was quite happy to see the cat gone as it terrorised her chickens and wound her dog up by sitting on her windowsill. so she never said anything.

its such a shame my garden is really quiet now,at the beginning of spring it was full of birds, i have made it a little haven for birds and insects, i have not used any slug pellets(just beer traps) or any chemicals to make it safe for the wildlife, it takes a lot of effort to garden in this way only for the cats to wipe all the birds out.
I have two big bird tables that are made from gnarly trees by a green woodworker, they are quite beautiful, but they are currently only used by a giant wood dudgeon i used to chase off . the only reason this hasnt been killed i am sure is its size.

i have given up at the front and filled my flower beds in, as this was just constantly designated the cats toilet by the local mogs.

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