Finding a solicitor

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Finding a solicitor

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Our neighbors have drilled a load of lights and a big wooden beam into the side our our wall. We are both mid terrace and the accessed from their side but it is our property wall and to my understanding not a party wall (the houses where actually constructed separately)

We asked them to take them down and where told to f**k off, then we politely wrote to them which was ignored)

If like to get a solicitor to send a letter but they have quoted £300! Is this right? How do we find a solicitor for a reasonable price or what else can we do? Is small claims an option?

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Re: Finding a solicitor

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Surely you have Legal Expenses cover on your mortgage or house insurance or credit cards or union membership

I agree your neighbours have no right to drill into your property ....sadly many people are downright ignorant of such legalities
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Re: Finding a solicitor

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I practice as a solicitor in family law. My discounted initial fixed fee is £300. You need to get realistic about the cost of instructing a solicitor.
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