Who is responsible for this wall?

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Who is responsible for this wall?

Post by Enquiringmind »

There is a 6ft wall at the end of our cul de sac that separates ours with the one behind. The wall runs between the parking spaces at the end of our shared driveway with those of the cul de sac behind and then runs down the middle of path/walkway of the gardens of both cul de sacs. The wall hasn’t been maintained since the housing estate was built over 30 years ago and the developer no longer exists. In the recent storms part of the wall blew down so now it’s an eyesore and opens up the 2 cul de sacs. I’ve checked our deeds and this wall is not classed as our boundary and I doubt it will be on any of the other residents. I’ve tried contacting our local council but they are telling me I need to contact the developer - which I can’t. My question is can we replace the wall with a fence of equal height or do I need to get planning permission? It’s doubtful any of the neighbours will contribute and we are prepared to sort it as it’s an eyesore that impacts us probably more than anyone else.
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Re: Who is responsible for this wall?

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A map would help ...

But ... did the council adopt the cul de sacs and roadside verges once the development was complete? If so, back to the council ..

If not, you can probably do whatever you like to repair the wall. Demolishing the wall doesnt need PP unless its a conservation area or something I beleive. The same applies to erecting a fence. IMHO.

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