Trees of Britain and Northern Europe

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Trees of Britain and Northern Europe

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Dear All

The Alan Mitchel and Wilkinson book "Trees of Britain and Northern Europe" is a very useful book.

Alun Mitchel was a very highly respected dendrologist and his life work included recording data about trees He even lists locations of best examples of mature trees of each type. They will become out of date as som fall or are felled but because of tree longevity it will continue to be accurate for many years.

It has leaf, flower and shape illustrations to help with recognition, a Latin index of tree names and an English Index with details of all common trees in Britain with an idea of growth rates and other habits. The data is a bit old but it is still the most accurate and useable guide I use all of the time. It is available at all good bookshops and is not expensive and is a pocket size soft back which is great to take out as a field guide.


Alan Harris
Alan is a consulting engineer specialising in subsidence, tree roots, soils and party wall surveying.
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Re: Trees of Britain and Northern Europe


We bought ‘Trees of Britain and Europe’ G. alas A. Riedmiller

It is a good book to put in your rucksack when out walking so you can identify trees, I forgot to take it with me twice and really missed having it. :lol:

I was thrilled to be able to identify the trees which I climbed as a child and always wondered what they were. Cedar of Lebanon. Ahhh happy memories. :smile:

This is a good pocket sized book, I would recommend.
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